Post 1: Introduction

In libraries, the addition of interactive media allows patrons to participate in conversation and creation with library staff and other patrons. Whether it’s responding to a blog or Facebook post, taking part in a video game tournament, or learning hands-on through makerspace activities, interactive media allows users of all ages to share, learn, and create together. It also plays an important role in libraries today as it provides a way to engage with the community, offer new educational experiences, and introduce patrons to new technology.

This blog explores a variety of ways libraries can utilize interactive media,  focusing on video games, 3D printing, makerspaces, social media, community engagement, and participatory exhibitions.

Social Media and Introduction – Alaina Goodnough
Makerspaces – Rebecca Holm
Exhibitions – Sarah Joseph
Video Games and Conclusion – Kim Kunaniec
Getting the Word Out and Site Administrator – Rachel Manela