Post 7: Conclusion

Although there are many different ways libraries can incorporate interactive and participatory media, they all have the benefit of engaging the community and exposing people to library resources that they may not have known were available.  Whether communicating with the community through exhibitions and social media or bringing people into the library with video games … Continue reading Post 7: Conclusion


Post 6: Getting the Word Out

Introduction Libraries have a lot to offer their communities beyond books. But, like any organization competing for people’s attention, libraries have to find new ways of letting the public know about the many technological resources and programs they offer. One way to do this is to work with other people and groups to highlight the … Continue reading Post 6: Getting the Word Out

Post 5: Video Games at Libraries

When you think of your local library, the first thing you think of probably isn’t video games. However, many libraries are developing video game collections, including games, consoles, and guides. Video games are increasingly being used as a teaching tool, as well as a subject of educational study in many fields. Libraries are also adding … Continue reading Post 5: Video Games at Libraries

Post 4: Make Way for the Makerspace

At first glance, it would appear that a technologically advancing society is challenging that traditional role that libraries have played. How do dusty book shelves keep up with the growth and learning that libraries try to foster in the communities they serve? Enter the makerspace, an innovative and exciting way that some libraries are meeting the challenges and embracing technological changes head on.

Post 3: Social Media and Libraries

Social media can be broken down into three categories: collaborative projects such as blogs, content communities (e.g., You Tube), and social networking sites. For libraries, engaging in social media allows them to reach a broader audience, including people who may not otherwise utilize the libraries resources. WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Social networking sites like Facebook, … Continue reading Post 3: Social Media and Libraries

Post 2: Exhibitions and Related Programming at Libraries

Many of us have seen small displays of artwork or historic collections when we’ve visited libraries.  More recently, exhibitions and related programming initiated by libraries have developed beyond small collections of objects on loan from a patron and displayed in a case. Performance Art and Events Patrons can work with librarians to create physical or … Continue reading Post 2: Exhibitions and Related Programming at Libraries

Post 1: Introduction

In libraries, the addition of interactive media allows patrons to participate in conversation and creation with library staff and other patrons. Whether it’s responding to a blog or Facebook post, taking part in a video game tournament, or learning hands-on through makerspace activities, interactive media allows users of all ages to share, learn, and create … Continue reading Post 1: Introduction